Joseph & Shamus May 2014





About Inside Out Wisdom & its founder

I’m Joe Robinson (the blonde on the left, not to be confused with my ‘best friend’ Father Shamus on the right. He has brown hair) and in all seriousness I’m here to fall deeper in love with all that is life: exploring ideas, and our world. Some of the people who read my musings are a care givers, a life coaches, massage therapists, healers, yoginis, fellow writers, or family and friends; it is my hope to inspire compassion in the connection here.

EVOLVING IS not something to do—it is innate.  How you create,  What you understand, is uniquely you.

“What is the Truth? anyway?”

You are not alone.

I’m inspired to connect with you and share my quirky perspective through words and impressions.   I won’t express anything new, but it will be uniquely my expression. My intention with my art is that Together we’ll go one better. My work is to consciously move beyond what “it” means to what “it” is to live within it.

My poetic works comes down to this:

a. Awakening

b. Showing Up

c. Contributing

The simple awareness that Life + Meaning = Truth can make all the difference.

Goodness makes a difference. The truly great is really rather ordinary.  Our natural state is perfection. Deep connection paramount to healing all that is blocking our remembrance of this for ourselves.  A connection to the Self which you already know and already are very familiar.

Living a life worth meaning, expands fullness, character, deepens resiliency.

These are words for people who have ideas and inspiration that matter to them and reflections on how to share and inspire ideas that matter to others.
We, this community, are all Ordinary as individuals, and collectively Special together and enjoy a thoughtful reflection in a novel or poem.

There is a belief that greatness in life is founded on the Truth and that the art of life evolves into a telling of a story that moves people . A life is no longer a thing to get through. It’s about finding ways to create meaning and joy. Expressing, embodying, and feeling deeply is the territory of the spirit.  To be something, rather than to do something.

My fascination with life’s evolutionary tale began at the age of 4. I was literally on my Grandfather’s knee listening to his stories. He’d spin yarns and create a message for me I heard year after year, each one more significant than before. Eventually, I found other stories, teachers, writers, and philosophers to inspire me to greatness to not be great but to live inside a state of being which expresses truth, beauty, and goodness.

I grew up a citizen of the world, traveling, and living in many, many new places. The truth I heard was a song, a place where nobody needs an excuse to not live fully or authentically. A birthright contained within our hearts.

Now I live in one of the world’s most beautiful areas (and best-kept secrets) near Seattle, Washington, in the United States, surrounded by nature and the things that inspire me the most (Kathy, the love of my life and our two dogs: Father Shamus and Millie). If I need even more inspiration I can take off to a deserted beach or a mountain peak at a moment’s notice and dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean or glacial lake or stream – not something I take for granted.

How did I get to do the work I do? I trained myself as best I could at learning how to listen to the world.

What will be found here?

  • EXPRESSION WORK ~ Showing myself even more deeply ~  sharing myself with a level of compassion and energy.  Writing, speaking, sharing, storytelling.  Is there a yearning poet in me?  YES!   I’d like to try to express that which is difficult and not easily expressible and to release this beings inner voice.
  • Novels ~ The Real STORY work – integral themes, non-dual expression ~ Journey with characters who don’t accept illusions easily. My hope is to explore how people feel while expressing how to deal with a unique way of living a compelling evolutionary life story.  What is it to Give without hiding, being the authentic expression of an authentic voice.


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