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I’m Glad You’re Here…

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Welcome!  Inside Out Wisdom is an upcoming blog for people interested in personal development with a difference.  This is about a conversation.   This is a place for people who wish to connect deeply, make a difference, and to experience deeper joy from living life.

Things to look forward to seeing here:

~ Little-known truths about the nature of the All-Of-It and how a deeper understanding help people see things as dramatically different – through poetic works.

~ Simple ways to be inspired and shifted profoundly as to increase joy and resilience. Through novels and stories I explore some interesting questions.

~ Stories and poetry for increasing the shared meaning of our experience and deepened appreciation for our role we play.

The blog hasn’t launched fully yet but we’ll be sending exclusive content to our prelaunch list subscribers that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.  Join the list by filling in the information above.  A welcome bonus gift will follow via email for your use and enjoyment.  Your bonus includes a mind map of the conceptual territory discussed here and a video of how this all comes together.

If you are interested in personal growth, nondual awareness, relationship health, innate resilience, and evolutionary consciousness all mixed together in a gumbo of integral poetry/mischief; you have come to the right place.